Dedicated to the investment and application of AgTech ideas.

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What we do

We connect Investors with AgTech/AgriTech Startups to develop a portfolio of solutions. Focusing on local developments with global application.

We are connected to different networks and seed, incubator and developed ideas for local and international investment opportunities for those wanting to diversify and get early access to the world of AgriTech and a portfolio of projects.


Why us

In world of extreme competitiveness you have to act quick and we want to put Australia on the map when it comes to AgTech/AgriTech resources. With strong networks and development around the Globe we can match the need of investors wanting to work alongside the farmers, developers & startups who are solving the problems for the future of agriculture and global sustainability. Equipped with advise on valuation and financing of innovation ideas from the Stanford University School of Engineering.

What’s next

Want to be part of something big? If you're a startup, farmer or investor looking for solutions and development of ideas, talk to us to see where to start.


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“One person can make a difference but it takes a village to make it happen”

C. Neumann  |  Founder & CEO

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